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Christa-Ann Davis Molloy


Life’s a Beach when you roam the islands of the Caribbean and embrace the cross-cultural experience. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Croix -The United States Virgin Island is where Christa-Ann Davis Molloy has called home for the last 28 years. From her simple upbringings in the south of Trinidad coupled with her hometown Crucian influence, is the inspiration that catapults Christa’s Artwork and her unique products, that amplify the Rich Cultural Heritage that is the diaspora of the United States Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean. Christa pounces on a melting pot of vibrant colors to capture expressions in her Art, ultimately inducing your emotion while taking you to that intended place and time. An educator by profession for some 27 years, her work echoes history, culture, celebration, and patriotism. Christa-Ann has been blessed to be the recipient of an artist award at a jurored show on St Croix. Her pieces adorn properties all around the world (as far as Australia) with several hotels and businesses celebrating her creations in their establishments in the Caribbean and North America. Working in watercolor, oil, ink, and acrylic, Christa-Ann uses her designs to create unique products, fueling the growth of her brand in the marketplace. While Christa-Ann, is world renowned for her Portraits, Cultural Images, Caribbean Scenery and Historical Images, you will undoubtedly find her stone coasters, trivets, shower curtains, clocks, bags, mats, throw pillows, umbrellas and more, equally refreshing. Commission her creative genius today or simply fall in love with a piece of her artwork and join in the CELEBRATION OF ART AND CULTURE that is www.ChristaArt.com