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Message from the Artist
About Christa Ann Davis Molloy

Born in a rural village in south Trinidad, Christa Ann settled in the Crucian Isle of St. Croix at a tender age, where the magnetic pulse of the islands, drew her spirit to renowned USVI artist Ms. Betsy Campen, who later became her teacher and mentor. Their friendship of many years reignited Christa Ann’s childhood passion for art and rekindled the creatives within her, manifesting itself in a line of unique products that ooze the rich cultural heritage of the USVI and the wider Caribbean. An educator by profession, for some 30 years, Christa Ann Davis Molloy has represented the USVI on many stages, sharing her creations in Puerto Rico, New York and Denmark, with her participation in the Made in USVI Popup Shop over the years, being a stellar one. Christa was commissioned designer for the USVI Agriculture Food Fair poster not on one but on two occasions, in 2016 and 2019 and was the recipient of a coveted artist award at The Jurored Show hosted in St. Croix a few years ago.

What about her gallery’s trending signature “Sip and Paint” events, virtual or otherwise or what of the publication of her USVI Cultural Experience With Art Coloring Book, this “young” trail blazer, has just gotten started and the best is yet to come. You see, Christa Ann isn’t about putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas, her pieces epitomize her expressions of how she sees the world, so much so that her art have found their way all around the world, adorning the walls of properties as far as Australia whilst several hotels and businesses of the Caribbean and North America continue to celebrate her creations by featuring her pieces in their spaces. Be it her cultural creations, The Moko Jumbies, Quadrille Dancers, Steel Pan, Masqueraders, Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights, her portraits, historical or land scape images, buildings, landmarks or historical sites, her imagery undoubtedly transcends. Christa’s stone coasters, trivets, shower curtains, clocks, bags, mats, throw pillows, umbrellas, face mask, wireless speakers and loads more of enjoyable yet practical pieces will not only forever be your echoes of history and culture, but will inevitably be your celebration of this USVI patriot whose escape, mirrors the identity we all long for.
WELCOME to Christa’s Art Gallery... “A Celebration of Art and Culture” Enjoy your stay with us, because….

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso

Presentation of painting to Stanley Jacobs in collaboration with the University of the Virgin Islands - May 2017

presentation to stanley 3_edited_edited_

Havitowah Apparel 

Featuring the New Generation to keep the Art & Culture alive, as I introduce you to my son Tariq Molloy of Havitowah Apparels & more.

See my beautiful art and more on additional products. 

Visitors To the Gallery

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Thank You

My heart is overwhelmed and filled with an attitude of gratitude to family, friends, and most of all customers and supporters who have contributed to bringing this website to fruition. Your continued support fuels this journey of mine that really couldn’t be possible without you.
I must pay homage to a few photographers who have allowed me to paint from their timeless work;

Charles D. Peters Photography,

Twincity Photography,

GAJ Photography,

DEAR Productions, and

Stephanie Schoyer.


Thank you to my graphic and Website designers at IDEAL4PROMO, Brian at Viision Graphics, and strategist/ writer and dear brother Rick Davis.


Betsy Campen, you have been my inspiration along this journey. you unearthed that gift and ignited that spark in me that took me to this place. As you look down on me from above, your energy will forever resonate in my heart and my gratitude is eternal. 

This website personifies my love and my passion for the canvas and is my “Celebration of Art and Culture.” 


To my dear parents, Roy and Barbara Davis, this website is dedicated to you!

A HEARTFELT Thank You All…. Enjoy! 

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