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The artist Christa-Ann Davis Molloy is intent on transmitting art appreciation to all ages of art lovers.  She has published or made significant contribution to several works.  She has also been featured in numerous publications.  See these below. 


Cultural Experiences
With Art - Vol. 1

Experience, explore, and travel to our paradise -the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) virtually. This amazing coloring book has thirty (30), awesome, hand drawn, cultural and historical designs. Additionally, there are reading, research and writing activities

This book is one like no other; it enhances the participants’ mindset about the arts. Each design coupled with the art color guide gives individuals an opportunity to explore the unique culture, rich history, landscapes and more in the United States Virgin Islands from anywhere in the world.  Artist Christa-Ann Davis Molloy has provided her masterpieces through her vibrant colorful art, along with her hand drawn designs for individuals to have a wonderful experience, awaken their creativity, fulfill a virtual visit and learn about the USVI. This volume in the series includes drawings to color of Quadrille Dancers, Moko Jumbies, Masquerader, Majorettes, Steelpan, Fort Christian St Thomas, Old time market St Thomas, Red Hook Marina, July Festival in St John and more. 

Each design is printed on separate recycled paper of high quality. Christa encourages all to: relax, discover artistic abilities, create, share, and celebrate our culture experiences with art in the USVI.

As we would say in the USVI, thank you for your visit to our islands, as you,  “Color Our Culture, Meh Son.”



Empow(HER) Magazine is a celebration of women’s contributions to business and society in the US Virgin Islands and Caribbean. This magazine features Positive WIB/Entrepreneurs stories, which will bond the consumer with the backbone of the economy, which is the female entrepreneur/biz Lady. It also showcases local businesses’ products and services, events, and more.

Additionally, the magazine offers guidance to “inspire, encourage, and elevate women” on all levels. Its mission is to help its readers reach success in whatever way success means to each reader.

The magazine features articles about the following:

· Women who are changing culture

· Business Stories

· Health & Nutrition

· Fitness

· Business Tips

· Finance

· Career trends

· Travel

· Inspirational Stories



THEN & NOW BOOK in the US Virgin Islands

 This book captivates the Fluidity of Evolution Through Art along with historical written information of “Then & Now” US Virgin Islands  “A journey through time” contrasting /comparing spaces, events, people, landmarks, and artifacts in the 1800s &1900s against current day 2000s. It is one that you will be flawed by the images and the changes around us in the USVI.


Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose, the anthology, include women co-authors from the US Virgin Islands sharing their inspiring stories. These stories illustrate their bravery, overcoming and prevailing over obstacles, and how they’ve triumphed to achieve their Passion and Purpose. The goal of this book is to serve as a tool to inspire, uplift, and empower women here in the territory and worldwide!

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